Join me as I talk to Benay and hear her top tips

screenshot-2016-12-02-16-48-19Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Benay of Universal Coaching Systems and the creator of Life Coach Office. Benay is an Online Coach and Entrepreneur who lives in Australia and works with clients all over the world. I was lucky enough to catch up with her in the midst of her launch for her latest course, Next Generation Product Development for Coaches (8). She was also on the verge of moving house and jetting off to Sweden! She’s a very busy lady.

Benay is a Product Creation Guru

I first started following Benay’s blog and using her tools around 5 years ago but 12 months ago I started working more closely with Benay and she has helped me to realise the dream I’ve had for a few years of creating my own products. With Benay’s coaching and guidance I now have a workbook, The Fabulous Parent Programme: A Practitioner’s Guide to Building Fabulous Parent & Child Relationships and I have an Online Course for Practitioner’s. You can check out my products here. Benay is an awesome coach, a warm and inspiring woman and it was my absolute pleasure to talk to her.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this audio interview:

  • Benay’s personal definition of success
  • How Benay beat the biggest challenge in her business
  • Benay’s thoughts on the similarities and differences between coaching and counselling
  • The importance of identifying your niche as a coach or therapist
  • Three main reasons why you need to have your own products and what products are an essential part of your product suite
  • How to super charge your confidence as a practitioner and overcome procrastination
  • And there’s more, but I can’t give it all away…

Tune in to my interview with Benay of Universal Coaching Systems

Thank you for joining me as I talked to Benay about her secrets to success and her thoughts on how more of us can make a difference to more people and have a great work life balance at the same time.

Find out more

To find out more about Benay and to get on board with her Next Generation Product Development Course check out Benay’s website. Benay will walk you through the process step by step and in less than 6 months you could have your own products ready to go. All you need do is click here or on the Next Gen Product Development icon in the side bar of this post and it’ll take you right there. Read the great course reviews, email Benay if you have any questions and get ready to make a difference and have the business you’ve dreamed of.

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Mo Perkins is a psychotherapist and coach specialising in direct work with children and parents and training and coaching practitioner’s to make a difference to the lives of children and families.

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The Ugly Truth about Why Coaches Charge Way More than Therapists

And it’s probably not what you think

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