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The Fabulous Parent Programme Practitioner’s Workbook

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I recently bought The Fabulous Parent Programme: The Practitioner’s Guide to Building Fabulous Parent & Child relationships in 6 sessions. I would recommend this workbook to other practitioners, parent groups, schools and organisations working with children and to anyone else who is interested in building good parent-child relationships.

I wanted the workbook because I am very interested and wanted to learn more about the Parent-Child relationship. I believe a good Parent-Child relationship enables children to create positive sociable relationships outside the home and I wanted something to help me develop my skills in this area.
The workbook helped me to reflect on my own parenting skills, which I may not have done in any real depth if I had not bought the workbook.

As a result I went through a thorough self-assessment of my own personal experiences as a parent, which stimulated my mind, giving me insight and newfound empathy for parents trying to engage with their children. I think practitioners can sometimes be so professional that they miss the qualities of what parenting is all about and focus on being the professional and ‘getting it right’. It feels good to identify and admit that I’m not a perfect parent and the parents I come in contact with are not perfect either but with the right tools they can develop the necessary skills to become fabulous parents.

One thing I liked was the simplicity of the workbook. It is thought provoking and uncomplicated. The exercises are clear and easy to follow; hence you don’t have the stress of trying to work out what it is that you are meant to do.

I also liked the fact that the workbook does what I was expecting it to do. It is really parent-child focused. Consideration has been taken to positively empower the parent by ensuring that they develop their awareness and realise their own potentials and qualities. Parents are being given the tools to become the best they can be (improving their self-worth) whilst on their journey to becoming fabulous parents with fabulous children in a fabulous parent- child relationship.

For me the workbook is user friendly. It’s not something you get bored with, you want to re-read and re-examine. In my professional opinion it is a very useful resource for any practitioner’s toolbox because the entire programme is about gentle workable challenges that can only serve to improve parent-child relationships.


Esha Johnson

Counsellor, Luminous Counselling

The Fabulous Parent Programme Online Course

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The Ugly Truth about Why Coaches Charge Way More than Therapists

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The Ugly Truth about Why Coaches Charge Way More than Therapists

And it’s probably not what you think

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